Primamry Sources

Here is a list of the primary sources I have found so far.

The Communist Manifesto- Karl Marx

Kim Il Sung on the Juche Idea: Excerpts- Kim Il Sung

The Present Situation and the Tasks of Our Party- Kim Il Sung, 1966

Let Us Defend Independency, Kim Il Sung

Fifty Fighting Years, CPI Golden Jubilee Album- Communist Party of India, 1975 (Pictures of newspaper articles)

Documents of the Chinese Communist Party, 1927-1930

Documents of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, Sept. 1956- Apr. 1969

Eight National Congress of the Communist Party of China-Documents

The Rise of the Chinese Communist Party (autobiography of Zhang Guotao)

What is to be Done?- Vladimir Lenin, 1902

The State and Revolution-Vladimir Lenin 1917



One thought on “Primamry Sources

  1. Good start on primary sources–you seem to have the baseline socialist philosophy (Marx and Lenin) as well as North Korea and China. From those you should be able to locate others.
    Do put them in bibliography format now, showing publication info, rather than waiting til the end of the semester when it gets crazy.
    You might also find it helpful to go talk to the librarians in Government Documents (ground floor of Hamilton)–US State Dept has documents that might be useful.

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