My Research Question

untitledIt has been a while since I last posted anything; so I have decided that my research question should have its own post rather than be thrown in a different post with another topic.

My research question I have developed is: Does Communism always lead to dictatorship and tyranny? I think this is a question I have often found myself wondering. Is North Korea, China, the U.S.S.R. what Karl Marx envisioned with Communism? Did Marx maybe foresee such an outcome? What would he say to the leaders of these nations and their “communist” leaders? I ask this question because most, if not all, the countries that have claimed they’re a Communist country, have had a history of terrible Human Rights violations. When I think of Communism I think of the karl-marx-MEDmillions that have died under the rule of Communism. I am passionate about Human Rights and it has been a driving force in my educational career and it would seem many Communist countries have a horrible track record for Human Rights violations. But I have also wondered, is there a country or perhaps a community that is Communist that does not have a dictatorship? Why have dictatorships happened in other countries and not others? Perhaps there is no answer to some of these questions. Or maybe they haven’t been found….yet! I have yet to find resources and already my question has opened the door to many questions!


4 thoughts on “My Research Question

  1. These are excellent historical questions. You might modify the main one to be less certain about the issue, for example: Why does it seem like communism leads to tyranny and dictatorships? or Why did efforts to develop socialism in the 20th century turn into dictatorships?
    Another aspect to consider is that correlation is not always causation: did the regions where people experimented with communism contain other factors that led to dictatorships? Maybe those same factors that led them to try communism left them vulnerable to dictatorship. That is, socialist theory may not be the cause of the tyrannies that developed.
    You may find help from both History and Political Science professors on this topic. For example, try Prof. Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller in Pol. Sci.

  2. These are very interesting and difficult questions to answer. It’s interesting because communism sounds good in theory but does seem to always turn out quite terrible. I would think that looking at the true definition and original idea of communism and see how well it is followed in the creation of certain countries. Perhaps research about communism is just what we need. If we don’t do research, based on the way communism has turned out in many countries, we will likely never be able to understand communism. Your question is very intriguing and I look forward to seeing what sources you find regarding your question.

  3. Ahh! Interesting indeed! In correlation to my research question in regards to the United Nations cooperation with international law, this presents an interesting viewpoint to be looked upon! This is indeed a controversial issue. In terms of “always” could become quite controversial without proper support or evidence. To consider all forms of communist countries as a future form of dictatorship could be seen as ludicrous. Depriving one of their rights such as Russia could lead to the will of the people, speaking from an individuals point-of-view, and what the people want. When it comes to situations such as World domination, such as that portrayed by Hitler himself, could come to determine whether or not an individual wishes to under such tyranny. Indeed some countries like Russia, China, and North Korea deprive others of their rights, which could also bring up an interesting ordeal in regards to International cooperation such as the United Nations. It’s an interesting situation indeed.

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