The First Post

I have never blogged before so not only is this post my first blog post for the Hon 101 course at UHM, but it is my first blog post ever. I’m not entirely sure what to do or how to do it but hopefully I get the hang of things soon.

With that being said, in my first post I thought it would be appropriate to talk about my first week at UH Manoa. I have enjoyed my time at UHM very much so and I’m very excited. I like all my classes so far and I like my professors. I look forward to all the new things I am going to learn as well as all the new experiences university life has to offer.

In reflection of the discussion that took place last week Thursday in my Honors 101 class, Prof. Jolly was talking about John Henry Newman’s the Idea of a University. If I remember correctly she said something along the lines of a university is there to create gentlemen, refinement, and a sense of being well read. That is something I really desire from my time at the University. I want to not only receive the impartation of knowledge but to become refined in a sense.


One thought on “The First Post

  1. Interesting response to our discussion of Newman, focusing on the seemingly old fashioned idea of the gentleman. It might be worth exploring what it means, as well as “refined.”

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